Morning Breakfast

Eggs Your Way
Poached, scrambled or sunny side up served with veggies
140.00 EGP
- Regular served with veggies 140
- Turkey or cheese served with veggies 140
170.00 EGP
Eggs Benedict
Poached soft eggs & grilled turkey, with Tangy Hollandaise sauce
220.00 EGP
Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
Scottish smoked salmon & scrambled eggs
290.00 EGP
Healthy Snacks
Combination of honey yogurt, fresh fruit salad & granola
170.00 EGP
Cheese Platter
Selection of five cheese cuts: Parmesan, gorgonzola, manchego, cheddar & camembert served with fig jam & bread basket
250.00 EGP
Nî Breakfast Special
Beirut, Rome, Vienna with your choice of an American coffee or fresh orange juice
460.00 EGP
Labneh, grilled halloumi cheese, olives, veggies, mini zaatar & cheese dough
250.00 EGP
Foul & Taamiya , potato, eggplant, veggies served with omelette
190.00 EGP
Smoked salmon, citrus cream cheese & green salad with white & rye bread
250.00 EGP
Yogurt with fruit purée, crêpe Nutella & viennoiserie selection
220.00 EGP
Nî brioche, omelette & croissant selection with jam & butter
250.00 EGP
Beef sausage, grilled tomatoes, hash brown, baked beans & mushrooms with white bread roll
180.00 EGP
Beef salami, turkey mortadella, pecorino & parmesan cheese with pesto mayo sauce, focaccia & white bread roll
220.00 EGP
Omelette Cheese
160.00 EGP
Omlette Veggie
170.00 EGP

Our prices are subject to 12% service charge & 14% sales tax.

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