With your choice of Nutella or maple syrup
180.00 EGP
Nutella, banana, almonds & hazelnuts served with vanilla ice cream or While chocolate & fresh strawberry, served with strawberry ice-cream
270.00 EGP
Chocolate Fondant
Served with vanilla ice cream
190.00 EGP
Crème Brulée
170.00 EGP
Fruit Salad
130.00 EGP
Ice Cream & Sorbet
180.00 EGP
Iced Chocolate Truffle
130.00 EGP
Served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fresh strawberry, caramel & chocolate sauce
240.00 EGP
Tray Dessert
Served with ice cream scoop
190.00 EGP
Pain Perdu
With your choice of caramel or Nutella sauce
290.00 EGP
Desserts in a jar
Tiramisu, Banoffee or Cheescake
180.00 EGP
Ni Sweet Bites
580.00 EGP

Our prices are subject to 12% service charge & 14% sales tax.

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